Windows Genuine Advantage WGA Remover

March 5, 2011

You install all recommended security and other updates by Microsoft for windows 7 or windows XP, now you up to date with updates, but have a problem with WGA, waiting every time you want to login, watching massages like, “this copy of Windows is not genuine, you may be victim of software counterfeiting “ every few seconds. So if you annoyed by this and don’t want to be bother by this anymore, we have a solution for you.

Now you just simply download install WGA remover for Windows XP or Windows 7.

WGA Remover (1,0 MiB)

Windows XP WGA remover additional setup information are inserted into the packet!

Windows XP WGA Remover (0,8 MiB)

Windows 7 WGA Service Pack 1 (SP1) pro remover 2011!

Windows 7 SP1 WGA Remover 2011 (1,28 MiB)

When you install selected WGA remover patch you must restart your computer and your done!

Still have problems? It’s recommended to run best registry cleaner to fix and speed your PC!

Windows 8 Activator


downloadRegistry Easy


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44 Responses to “Windows Genuine Advantage WGA Remover”

  1. SP1 WGA Remover solve my problems

  2. Windows 7 WGA Remover 2011
    was my savior.
    good work

  3. i keep having the using build error when using the W7 Sp1 fix, is there a work around to it? if it helps im using MSI laptop

  4. After installing the WGA remover patch will you be able to download future Microsoft updates as they become available?

  5. I just update Windows 7 SP1 WGA Remover 2011. Works on almost all versions. If the previous version did not work re download this one.

  6. Thank you friend.
    The SP1 WGA Remover fixed it for me :)

  7. Windows 7 WGA Remover 2011 (1,4 MiB) works perfectely, thanks

  8. When I try extracting the windows loader, i get an error message that says invalid compressed file. I can’t seem to extract the SP1 WGA Remover.
    Any assistance?

  9. it worked Great thanks!!!

  10. i get “failed to install trial key” pls help

  11. this is a broken link does anybody knows some alternative sites. tnx..

  12. OMG i finally activated my Win 7, i’m so trilled!
    thx a bunch

  13. I downloaded the 2011 version and it worked. I downloaded the 2010 version last year and nothing happened. I just noticed that it takes a longer time for my system to run. But so far, so good.

  14. Forgot to say Thanks!

  15. woooooooooow amazing I love ur tool thanxxxxxxx a lot for uuuuuuuuuuuu good job keep it up

  16. its really works…! a million thanks!!

  17. TANK’S good work

  18. it works! many thanks…

  19. Tnx A lot man.. Wow. Nice.

  20. i want to use and apply the WGA remover windows 7

  21. well good best thanks

  22. Finally I activated thank you very much

  23. Worked well with WIN7 Ultimate on my MacAir 2011 using Parallels
    fingers crossed WGA last.
    Many many thanks

  24. Really Working Dude thanks a lot

  25. Thank you so much!! It worked quick & easy :) Very much appreciated!

  26. in just a minute it solve my problems. No format n reinstall windows anymore.Any chance for updating windows?

  27. Thanks a lot dude, this is working

  28. Thanks for the time saver wga removal tool….. saved me hours of headaches…

  29. So, ive tried this and many others, they arent working…did microsfot finally get around these tools or?

  30. Awesome piece of software! Quick and easy. Nothing beats having the Microsoft website tell me my Windows is genuine =)

  31. is gone really work thanks a lot

  32. Very much appreciated!

  33. Thank you so much!! It

  34. Gr8…. It worked well with my Win XP….
    Will it work if i install a trial of win 7 or 8 & run this???
    Pls reply…

  35. So many infected!!! At least you guys have tried to scan this tool? Pay attention now with all your passwords…

  36. my problem is solved !

  37. These both of stuff working great, Thanks for yours.

  38. Thanx ….it really worked

  39. it worked perfectly. thx guys

  40. Very nice

  41. great work buddy,
    this software works great

    but, now we are waiting for another release from your side(FOR WINDOWS 8)

  42. Windows 7 WGA Remover 2011 is great. I’ve solved my problem with genuine notification (Windows Build 7600).
    Tnx a lot!


  43. Hmmm nice

  44. It solved the issue with SP1
    Thks for the good job !

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