Valve Steam Connectivity Download Speed and Other Problems

March 4, 2011

If you are an avid computer gamer, there is a likelihood you heard of and even use Valve’s Steam platform to play many popular PC games.

The Steam platform by the Valve game company is used to offer, sell and distribute many well known games. You use Steam to log-in and authenticate with your game account and to play your computer game. Last but not least it also serves as a digital copy protection for Valve’s PC games.While Steam has many advantages, above all the convenient way to instantly being able to purchase and download games online, we can hear many gamers voicing their complaints since they are running into problems with steam. Those problems can be quite diverse.

You can hear about problems connecting to Steam which would make it impossible to log-in to your Steam account and to play your game.Such problems are especially evident in times when a new game is released since Steam is overloaded with gamers wanting to play at such times.The other problem with Valve’s Steam is if you installed it wrongly on your computer, or the installation somehow got messed up. The effect is the same: You want to play your game, but steam does not work and you cannot login and play.

Here are some common solutions which might help with your troubles:

-At first, you should make sure to uninstall certain Anti Spyware programs which think that Steam is malware. In particular, programs like Ghostsurf 2007 or Spycatcher Express. The AOL connection server is also known for causing problems with Steam.
-If you feel safe doing it, it might be a good idea to totally disable your AntiVirus software so you won’t run into problems playing your games with Steam.
-After you disabled and stopped those programs, it might be a good idea to reboot your computer and see whether you can use Steam now.

In many cases, this should solve the problem.

If this does not solve your problem, you might want to reinstall Steam from scratch. You can do this without a need to reinstall your games.

-Your games are all located in a folder called “SteamApps”. Make a copy of this folder and back it up to another location. You do not want to have to re-download all your games.
-Now you can de-install steam, download everything again and install it freshly on your PC.
-Afterwards, move back your copy of the SteamApps folder. Replace the newly made empty folder with your old one which contains all your games.
-Then try again to launch your games, this time with a freshly installed Steam. This should hopefully fix all your problems and you should not run into issues with Steam again.

Problems can caused by, errors in windows register in that case the problem can fix Registry Easy!

Or maybe you have problems with slow speed when steam downloading updates for your favorite multiplayer games like Counter Strike Source, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops or you just simple want to re download gems you buy on stem. Common problem with Valve program is that you can`t login in to the steam and play online games!

Then in the most cases you can fix this problem is that, you change country in Downloads + Cloud.

First you just click on the Steam tab à Settings. When the Settings window opens, navigate your mouse cursor on the DOWNLOADS + CLOUD tab.

Now you simple choose in the Download region section, country nearest to you, and you done!

Still have problems? It’s recommended to run best registry cleaner to fix and speed your PC!
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One Response to “Valve Steam Connectivity Download Speed and Other Problems”

  1. Hi i decided to play a came red faction armageddon, i have already bought and payed for, a long time ago. Now i decide to play it again, but steam wants to download ab UPDATE of over 98Mbytes. Still now problem Except steam keeps cutting off after about 12Mbytes, with the message check your interconnection, but if i check my connection it shows everything is fine and runnning fine! I have waisted A R100 worth of data, but still unable to play the game. please assist!

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