XP Mode Doesn’t Work In Windows 7 How to Fix

April 5, 2011

Microsoft had introduced a virtual machine feature, the XP Mode, when they released Windows 7 for the first time. With this feature, it is possible to run Windows XP under Windows 7. The system will act as if the XP operating system is accessed from another physical computer. This makes it possible for Windows 7 users to run older applications that may not be compatible with the latest version of Windows.



Fix 80072efd and 0×81000370 Msn Error Code

April 4, 2011

While attempting to Windows Messenger, it is quite common to come across error code 0×81000370 and error code 80072 efd.


These error codes will show up most of the time due to the .NET Messenger service is experiencing some problems. At times, the cause may well be the server providing the service being down — for maintenance issues or other reasons — or the server is having some sorts of operational issues. As a result, the server is unable to connect the user to the service. Fortunately, there are various ways to solve these error codes, but while it may be done in a matter of minute at a time, it may also last for hours at another time. During problem solving attempt, it may be helpful to use the Web Messenger service provided by Microsoft as an alternative. (more…)


MSN Error Code 80048820 How To Fix Thise Problem

April 2, 2011

While attempting to access .NET Messenger services, MSN users may often come across error code 80048820. Along with this error, there is usually a line of message suggesting the users to retry at a later time.

“Sorry, we are unable to sign you into the .NET Messenger service at this time. Please try again later.”



How to Solve Windows File / Folder Errors Like Access Is Denied and File In Use

March 31, 2011

If you use Windows on your computer, chances are you know how annoying it feels when Windows tells you “Access is denied” the moment you attempt to get a file or folder deleted from your system. Another annoying issue arises when you come across an error message saying “The source file is in use” when you need to copy a file or folder from your system. These errors are known to take place due to quite a few reasons. The file or folder you are trying to access is perhaps in use by another user. It may also be in use by the Windows operating system itself. Or, another possibility is that you simply do not fulfill the adequate requirements that are usually owned by the system administrator.



How To Defrag Disc In Windows 7 and Speed Up Your Computer

March 30, 2011

After a while, Windows often prove to perform poorer than it used to be at first. There are various reasons for this. One of the reasons is because the files and folders have become fragmented and Windows need some time to access them. This is when disk defragmentation usually comes in pretty handy. Unfortunately, though, not every single user of the Windows operating system may know what they should do in order to get their hard drive defragmented. Average users are typical examples. As a result, they may well need some guides to disk defragmentation.

Well, prior to defragmenting their hard drive, Windows users will have to understand in advance what disk defragmentation really is. Well, it is a process that will attempt to rearrange any of the fragmented files or folders on the disk. This way, it is expected that Windows will be able once again to perform at its best. (more…)


Windows 7 Blue Screen Problems and How To Fix This Error

March 29, 2011

The blue screen error — also known as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) — is pretty common on all versions of Windows, be it the oldest or even the newest one. This error can get really annoying. It can even block users from logging onto their Windows operating system. As a result, the system is seemingly impossible to use at all. But what PC users should keep in mind is that they are not the only people to experience this particular problem. As mentioned earlier, it has been pretty common and, fortunately, people have found out some workaround methods that may prove to be quite effective in solving the BSOD.



Best Way To Password Protect and Lock a Folder In Windows 7

March 28, 2011

Security has gained more attention when it comes to Windows Vista/7. As a matter of fact, Microsoft seems to have developed both these versions of Windows with security in mind. However, it indeed needs to be taking into consideration how weak the Windows operating system has turned out to be for the past years. Therefore, there have been quite a few ways by which Windows Vista/7 users can secure the folders they have on their system. One good example is by becoming the administrator of the Windows Vista/7 operating system.

An administrator normally has the privilege to block important or sensitive folders to keep them out of reach of irresponsible users. By blocking those folders, they will always ask for authentication whenever someone tries to access them. With that being said, users without the correct administrator password will never get to those secured folders. This applies for good, of course, unless the administrator himself decides to get rid of the security lock. But how to secure the folders? (more…)


Burn Windows 7 Iso File (Image)

March 27, 2011

The latest version of the operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7, has been used widely these days. It has a lot of cool new features in addition to the extra features, apart from the visual style, that make this version of Windows even more appealing to the PC users. One of the main features Windows 7 has to attract even more PC users to buy it is the image burning capability.

It still stands out in most of the veteran PC users how difficult it was when they had the need to burn an image file which usually turns out to have the .ISO extension. At earlier times, it was absolutely necessary for PC users to buy and install a third party file burning application to burn a .ISO image file. Clone Drive, Ahead Nero or Roxia were just some examples of these applications. Yet, thanks to Windows 7 that comes with a built-in support for image file burning, PC users can now burn an image file a lot more easily without having to even be concerned about any third party applications. (more…)


Fix Windows 7 Installation, Rebooting and Product Key Problems

March 24, 2011

Loyal Windows users may have known by now that carrying out upgrades from one version of Windows to another is not always going to be a hassle free operation. Instead, most users will likely encounter problems and error messages that somehow persist over time and seem to be impossible to resolve. This also applies when it comes to Windows 7, the newest version of Windows that still comes with some bugs.

One of the most well known bugs in Windows 7 is failure of upgrading to this latest version of Windows from previous versions such as Windows Vista. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that users always make sure they are connected to the internet the whole time so that their system will be able to download the latest updates right from the Microsoft website should the updates be necessary. A wired internet connection is often best in this case.



Fix Windows 7 Access Denied error and Permission & Ownership Problem

March 24, 2011

Are you getting this error message? Well, you are not likely to be the only Windows 7 user that happens to receive this message each time you want to access a certain file or folder. This error shows up because of the permission set by default in Windows 7. In this latest installment to the operating system by Microsoft, only the Administrators have the right to access certain files and folders. As a result, common user will get the Access Denied error message instead.

As a matter of fact, for security sake, even the Administrators cannot access quite a few folders. Fortunately, this can be solved in case you carry out quite a few things that are about to be described next. However, what you should keep in mind in this case is that there are 2 vital elements. The first element is the ownership as some files can only be accessed by the owner of the system. Also, it is only the owner that has the right to assign permission to any of the users he chooses. With that being said, the other element is permission. With the right permission, you will gain access to any files and folders you want without hassles. (more…)