IE – Internet Explorer How To Disable Error Reporting

April 8, 2011

Even though Microsoft might have expected its users to report errors that take place on the system, some users may find it rather annoying to get the Error Reporting notification every single time an error occurs and Windows is unable to handle it. Some users may simply want to skip the message at all without having to click on No again and again. Well, fortunately, there are ways to do this and one of the ways is to tweak the Windows registry. This will disable the Error Reporting tool so that it won’t appear any longer in the future. However, it is always best to back up the current registry before attempting to tweak it.

So, the first thing Windows users will have to do is to press Windows + R to launch Windows Run utility. Then, they can type regedit in the text box. This will display another window which is the Registry Editor utility. The next thing to do is to expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder on the left pane. Then, users will have to navigate to Software followed by Microsoft and then Internet Explorer and then Main. On the right pane, there will be an item named IEWatsonEnabled. But if users cannot find this item, they need to make one. To make the item, right click on any empty space on the right pane and then choose DWORD from the New context menu. Afterwards, name the item IEWatsonEnabled.

The next step is to modify the value of the item by double clicking on it. On the small window that shows up, users will have to enter 0 – which means false — as the value and this will disable the Error Reporting tool.

But this is not the end of the process. On the right pane, users will still have to find an item named IEWatsonDisabled. If it does not exist, they need to create one. The steps are just the same as they would IEWatsonEnabled. But this time, the value of the item will need to be 1 instead of 0. The value of 1 means right and this will keep the Error Reporting tool disabled once and for all.

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