How to Solve Windows File / Folder Errors Like Access Is Denied and File In Use

March 31, 2011

If you use Windows on your computer, chances are you know how annoying it feels when Windows tells you “Access is denied” the moment you attempt to get a file or folder deleted from your system. Another annoying issue arises when you come across an error message saying “The source file is in use” when you need to copy a file or folder from your system. These errors are known to take place due to quite a few reasons. The file or folder you are trying to access is perhaps in use by another user. It may also be in use by the Windows operating system itself. Or, another possibility is that you simply do not fulfill the adequate requirements that are usually owned by the system administrator.

For the case of the error message saying “Access is denied“, chances are you will have to consult your system administrator. This error usually takes place because the user trying to access the file or folder in question is someone whose rights given by the administrator are not sufficient to do so. So, unless you are the system administrator yourself, you are least likely to solve this problem yourself. However, if you are indeed the administrator for your Windows operating system and yet you still happen to come across this message, something is definitely wrong with your system. Fortunately, you may find that Unlocker, a third party software, handy in this case.

Unlocker is a lightweight application that is not going to consume a lot of your available resources. With Unlocker, you are able to view and determine which of the running processes on your system that is causing the file or folder you are trying to access to be locked. Then, you will easily be able to unlock it.

To use Unlocker, simply right click on any files or folders that trigger the error message followed by clicking Unlocker to launch the software. This will then bring you to a pop-up window. On this pop-up window, there are several tabs but all you need to pay attention to are the “Process” and “Path locked” tab. The latter will help you find the locked file or folder that you are trying to access. You can then choose a process to kill, a path to unlock or you can even unlock all paths at a time. In addition to that, you also have the options to either rename, move, copy or delete a file or folder that is locked.

The Unlocker application is found by many to be particularly useful to solve errors such as denied access, sharing violation, source or destination file being in use — either by another user or program and error asking the user to check whether or not the disk is write-protected if not filled up and that the file is not in use at the given time.

Yet, it is true that Microsoft support center may be of some help should any of the errors above take place. However, most of the time, thanks to the Unlocker application, you won’t have to bother contacting the support team at Microsoft.

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  1. I love this tool and am using it now for this type or errors. I have tried a number of ways for it, and also I have used “Long Path” Tool in this situation and it helped me easily and quickly.

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