Deactivate Windows 7 System Restore

April 27, 2011

System Restore feature that Microsoft has built into Windows 7 may be pretty effective indeed in keeping Windows safe from troubles. Yet, the bad news is that it takes up a lot of hard drive space. So, if you are not a typical PC user, you may prefer to deactivate this feature instead. However, if you are worried about possible crashes considering Windows 7 is still pretty new, you had better leave this feature active.

To deactivate System Restore function, you will have to open up Control Panel and navigate to System.

Then, on the next window that appears, there will be a link leading to system protection. You will have to click on that link to open up the System Properties dialog box.

Here, you will have to choose from the list the drive on which you want the System Restore function to be deactivated.

Then what you will have to do next is to click on the Configure button and choose the option that indicates it will deactivate system protection. Apply your changes and you will be warned but you won’t have to be worry. Just confirm that you are sure with what you do and the System Restore feature will be deactivated right away.

However, in case you would like to have some protection left intact, you can change the space used by the System Restore function instead of deactivating it entirely. To do this, you will have to bring up the System Protection window again just like how you did before. But this time, make sure that you do not choose the option to deactivate the protection. Instead, simply adjust the usage percentage by dragging the slider in the disk space usage area to what you need.

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