How to Create a Successful Data Archiving Strategy

June 12, 2014

With massive amounts of data being generated day in, day out, organizations require significant amounts of storage. However, as data accumulates, much of it is not necessary for day-to-day business purposes. Yet, you can’t exactly delete it due to both business and legal concerns. That’s where data archiving comes in.

Why Archive Your Data?

There are many reasons to archive data. For example, high performance solid state drives allow you to access frequently used information much faster than traditional storage devices. However, these solid state drives do not have nearly as much capacity as their hard disk drive counterparts. Thus, moving files that are no longer needed on a routine basis off of these drives frees up space for current data and reduces costs. As a side benefit, moving information off of primary storage can also lead to performance improvements. (more…)


How to Solve Windows File / Folder Errors Like Access Is Denied and File In Use

March 31, 2011

If you use Windows on your computer, chances are you know how annoying it feels when Windows tells you “Access is denied” the moment you attempt to get a file or folder deleted from your system. Another annoying issue arises when you come across an error message saying “The source file is in use” when you need to copy a file or folder from your system. These errors are known to take place due to quite a few reasons. The file or folder you are trying to access is perhaps in use by another user. It may also be in use by the Windows operating system itself. Or, another possibility is that you simply do not fulfill the adequate requirements that are usually owned by the system administrator.



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How To Defrag Disc In Windows 7 and Speed Up Your Computer

March 30, 2011

After a while, Windows often prove to perform poorer than it used to be at first. There are various reasons for this. One of the reasons is because the files and folders have become fragmented and Windows need some time to access them. This is when disk defragmentation usually comes in pretty handy. Unfortunately, though, not every single user of the Windows operating system may know what they should do in order to get their hard drive defragmented. Average users are typical examples. As a result, they may well need some guides to disk defragmentation.

Well, prior to defragmenting their hard drive, Windows users will have to understand in advance what disk defragmentation really is. Well, it is a process that will attempt to rearrange any of the fragmented files or folders on the disk. This way, it is expected that Windows will be able once again to perform at its best. (more…)


Why Registry Easy it’s the Best Registry Cleaner in 2011

March 2, 2011

Why Use Registry Easy™?

It is quite common that if someone owns a computer for some time, it can become slow and error prone. Random PC crashes might also appear together with annoying freezes and stutters. The daily work with your PC has become sluggish, if not impossible, at some point. The main reason for this problem is actually rooted in what is called your PC’s registry. You see, the registry is a crucial system file in every Windows based computer. With prolonged use of your computer, many programs and games installed and removed over time, your registry might have become corrupted and full of errors.  This will seriously hamper the performance of our system. (more…)


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How to backup Firefox in Windows 7

October 25, 2009

If you got a lot of bookmarks and password saved in your Firefox and don’t want to loose everything. When formatting, upgrading, downgrading windows or simply get system error and you can access your windows anymore. For this situation it`s advisable to have backup of the Firefox.

In the next few steps i show you how to do that!

-You must have enabled to show hidden folders!

-Then go to “C:\Users\your User Account name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles”

Copy that file as on the picture but it`s can be different name!

firefox beckup (more…)


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Can`t Instal New Version Of Windows Messenger Live

October 23, 2009


To eliminate that this issue is not caused by corrupted files in the Windows Live Messenger program, you need to perform clean installation. This process is almost the same as removing and reinstalling the program in your computer. However, this will completely remove other files associated with the program. (more…)


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