Fix Msn Error 80048820 and 80048416 in Windows Messenger

April 11, 2011

It has become pretty common for Windows Messenger users to come across a particular message that the application is unable to connect and that users may be better off retrying connection some time later. This would normally take place when users are attempting to log onto the messenger application. The error code for this problem is 80048820 and the extended error code is 80048416. The good news is that there are ways to get over this issue but prior to discussing the ways; it is of utmost importance to find out what actually causes the issues to occur in the first place.



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Fix 80072efd and 0×81000370 Msn Error Code

April 4, 2011

While attempting to Windows Messenger, it is quite common to come across error code 0×81000370 and error code 80072 efd.


These error codes will show up most of the time due to the .NET Messenger service is experiencing some problems. At times, the cause may well be the server providing the service being down — for maintenance issues or other reasons — or the server is having some sorts of operational issues. As a result, the server is unable to connect the user to the service. Fortunately, there are various ways to solve these error codes, but while it may be done in a matter of minute at a time, it may also last for hours at another time. During problem solving attempt, it may be helpful to use the Web Messenger service provided by Microsoft as an alternative. (more…)


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MSN Error Code 80048820 How To Fix Thise Problem

April 2, 2011

While attempting to access .NET Messenger services, MSN users may often come across error code 80048820. Along with this error, there is usually a line of message suggesting the users to retry at a later time.

“Sorry, we are unable to sign you into the .NET Messenger service at this time. Please try again later.”



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Block Msn Check in Few Easy Steps

March 19, 2011

Have you ever wonder, why are your friends suddenly constant offline. And you don’t know if they block you or really offline! On the web is a lot of so called msn block checker sites, but almost all require msn password from you or other MSN data mostly for malicious purposes! Don’t worry we find save site where you can easily check if your friends are online or offline! On you can check status in few easy steps, without requiring any other private data then email address!

First open site in your favorite web browser!



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Change Back Windows Live Messenger 2011 (Msn) Look

March 12, 2011

Recently you get new version of Windows Messenger 2011 with latest updates. But when is installed you don’t like what you see. They change the whole main look with lot new accessories; but you don’t need all that, because you like the old simple look!



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Windows Messenger Live Error Code 80071392

October 26, 2009

First click on START run and type ipconfig /flushdns in Windows Vista and Windows 7 type into search box and run.

ipconfig flushdns



Can`t Instal New Version Of Windows Messenger Live

October 23, 2009


To eliminate that this issue is not caused by corrupted files in the Windows Live Messenger program, you need to perform clean installation. This process is almost the same as removing and reinstalling the program in your computer. However, this will completely remove other files associated with the program. (more…)


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